Patriot – Thursday 111201

Let me preface this post by saying that this is seriously not intended to be snarky or to make people think “duh, idiot — I knew that.” However, based on some recent blog comments, I wanted to reinforce the following: the coaches are here for you (yes, each and every one of you) to provide assistance and guidance. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or elite-elite athlete, our goal is to give you the advice, coaching and correction that you need to get the most our of your Crossfit experience. It doesn’t matter if your question is regarding the basics of form, nutrion, or how to train for a competition, we have someone on staff that can get you what you need. All you have to do is ask. So please, don’t ever hesitate to do so — that’s what we’re here for and we’re more than happy to help. We just don’t always know what you need or what is on your mind unless you ask. If you’re hesitant to do so in class, you can always contact me via e mail (


Russian KB Swing (70/53)
Wallball (20/14)
Knees to Elbows
Post loads and times to comments.

Patriot – Wednesday 111130

Crossfit Kids this weekend at Patriot Crossfit!

Performance Nutrition Town Hall at Potomac Crossfit, 10 December, 1:30pm.


I try to get every athlete who has just graduated Foundations to understand this analogy:

Foundations is like listening to Spanish on tape. It’s confusing at first, but not too hard to get the basics. After several hours of this, you think: “hey, I’m getting this!”

When you start attending Workout of the Day Classes, that’s like being dropped into a dive bar in Jaurez, Mexico, at midnight on a Saturday. Your first reaction is “Holy Shit, is this guy talking to me going to stab me or is he asking me what time it is?”

Like language, immersion is the key. Give archive about six weeks and you’ll understand movements, terms, logistics, and how to get in and out without getting shot. -Brian PCF

Clean and Jerk

3 Rounds
10 Back Squats (185/125)
10 Strict Pull-ups
10 Strict Dips
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Patriot – Tuesday 111129

A quick note about consistency and goals: I had an athlete lay out a plan for me via email that included 5-6 days of training per week. There was a lot of stuff that was outside of the normal WOD that he saw as a weakness and that he wanted to work on. I didn’t think that his extra stuff was too bad an idea, and I noticed that when I saw him in the gym, that he wasn’t progressing too much on his weights during strength sessions or METCONs.

We had some back and forth on what we thought was the best approach, then randomly I looked at the number of times that he’s come to the gym in the last six months. He had averaged 1.8 visits per week.

Lesson is: Master the basics before you throw them out. The basics in this case means: show up. That will fix pretty much every issue that you are going to have. -Brian PCF

AMRAP 5 Minutes
Row 600m
AMRAP Muscle-ups/Muscle-up Transitions

Rest 3 Minutes

AMRAP 5 Minutes
5 DB Ground to Overhead (50/35)
5 Burpees

Rest 3 Minutes

AMRAP 5 Minutes
10 KB Sumo Deadlift High-Pull (70/53)
30 Double Unders
Post a score for each couplet.
Your score for the first couplet is your total muscle-ups. You will only row once. Complete the three workouts in any order.

Patriot – Monday 111128

Now that we have switched to more Oly focused lifting days, I want to give some guidance on how you should go about completing these sets. Remember, these movements are designed to assist your oly lifts, not “max out.” I don’t want to fence myself in with percentages, but there are some good rules to follow.
1. All sets should be heavy (for you).
2. It should mimic as much as possible the portion of the oly lift it is meant to assist. In other words, your foot and hand positions for the front squat or overhead squat should be the same as for your clean or your snatch.
3. You need to maintain near optimal form for all reps more so than you do in the power lifts. If the third rep of your front squat has your elbows down and your mid-section collapsed, you are not getting the stimulus we want. This is not a 3RM front squat, it is an exercise that will make getting up from a heavy clean easier.
4. On the days we drill the full movements, go as heavy as you can while maintaining serviceable form. These days are meant for you to practice the movement, not make you stronger. The assistance days make you stronger. Don’t feel like you have to continually add weight each week on snatch and clean and jerk unless I specify to find a 1RM. DO feel like you need to continually add weight on front squat, power clean, jerk, and power snatch. -Aaron PCF

Overhead Squat

Thrusters (95/65)
Renegade Rows (40/25)
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Patriot – Friday 111125

WOD Classes at Patriot Crossfit only today at 11am and 12pm.

We harp on range of motion because it is both the simplest detector of mobility issues as well as the simplest fix. Can’t get to the bottom of the squat? Squat more. Can’t extend your arms during pullups, do more pullups with more extension.
We can and do get sexy with it by employing the wall stretch, bench stretch, pray for pain, lawyer stretch, etc. But we want you to be able to move a load (bodyweight or external) through an “effective” range of motion. That’s how you’re going to demonstrate and improve power output, and it’s also how you’re going to get more mobile.
This gets trickier with folks that have practiced with less than full ROM for extended periods of time, but it’s also pretty easy to fix in 95% of athletes. If you have an issue, just talk to a coach or post to comments. -Brian PCF
3 Rounds
10 Deadlifts (275/185)
15 Ring Dips
Post loads and times to comments.

Patriot – Tuesday 111122

For Potomac Crossfit Thanksgiving schedule, click here.

For Patriot Crossfit Thanksgiving Schedule, click here.


Are you ready for the Crossfit Games Open? The Open starts 23 February and runs for five weeks, ending March 25.

Again and again we see the folks that compete make huge gains in their fitness. It’s almost like cheating, because you’re going to get better faster than the folks that are putting the same amount of effort in the gym.

We have several options for competitions coming up, to get notified about upcoming events and compete as part of the PCF Team, email

Weighted Pull-ups

3 Rounds
Row 500m
20 KB Swings (53/35)
20 Burpees
10 Toes to Bar
Post loads and times to comments.
If the start is staggered, try to keep the proper order. However, if you reach the rower when your partner is still rowing, it is still Rxd if you do your movements out of order.