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“The Cure is the Process” by Brian Wilson

As we approach the end of the Paleo Challenge, I want you to think about unicorns wearing football helmets.

No reason there, but I think wherever you are and whatever you’re doing the idea of a unicorn wearing a football helmet is funny. Obviously, the horn would go through their helmet and they wouldn’t be playing football, because if you have a horn and too much head protection, that’d be dangerous.

Anyway, Irvin D. Yalom is a pretty smart guy sometimes and he has a great quote “The cure is the process.” Yalom is a psychotherapist who is a big proponent of group counseling sessions where individuals simply (or not so simply) discuss their thoughts, feelings and emotions to a group.

What was confusing and enlightening for me when I first got into his work were two things: First, that he had a hard time describing what the end state of therapy was. Second, that a lot of the group dynamics and the patient/therapist relationship had a lot of similarities to CrossFit training and coaching.

Part of this similarity is in describing the goal, or “end state”. I’m a bit obsessed with the idea of “end state”. It’s something that’s drilled into us in the Marine Corps. The task you assign may have to change constantly, which is why we are always drilled to give “task and intent”: what do you want to have happen and what are you planning to accomplish with this?

The end state of Yalom’s methods are described in a variety of ways: “courageous engagement with…life’s predicaments and personal distress”, “claiming our own freedom”, “overcoming existence pain.” I find these descriptions similar to the end state of CrossFit “increased work capacity over broad time and modal domains.” What’s the thing that jumps out at you immediately when you look at all these: they are relative, not absolute.

Secondly, his group therapy techniques and description of the client/patient relationship is pretty similar to what we do in the Paleo Challenge and in CrossFit. So partly because you are getting quasi-kicked out of the nest soon at the end of the Paleo Challenge, I want to equip you with some knowledge bombs that will help you out.

Obviously, you can still ask me questions, but because you won’t have a defined “end state” anymore, e.g., the “Paleo Challenge Finale” on the horizon, I want you to have some tools you can use:

1) Get some Paleo buddies. Folks you can reach out to and hang out with and enjoy some Paleo chow together.
2) Continue to try to get better. Get a little wackier with your food. Try a CSA, buy some new kinds of meat, try some different restaurants. In short: don’t make your diet boring.
3) Ask for help. Coaches and your fellow athletes like helping you. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

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  • Warmup: EMOTM 8 Min
    3 Hang Squat Snatch
    3 Situp to Straddle
    Alt: 3 Strict K2E/3 Planche Pushup

    RX’d Level II Level I
    Back Squat

    Three Rounds For Time:
    5 Hang Squat Clean, 165/115
    50 Double Under

    Back Squat

    Three Rounds For Time:
    5 Hang Squat Clean, 115/85
    25 Double Under

    Back Squat

    Three Rounds For Time:
    5 Hang Squat Clean, 75/55
    100 Single Under

    Post loads and time to comments.

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