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I talked a lot during the recent Paleo Challenge kick off about hormetic versus non-hormetic stimuli. It seems to me that we’re designed for hormetic stimuli (a low dose of a stressor causes the body to adapt in a big way to that stressor) and non-hormetic stimuli (no doses of stress causes leaves us very vulnerable to all kinds of stressors). Wikipedia does a better job of explaining this with respect to physical exercise: “Individuals with low levels of physical activity are at risk for high levels of oxidative stress, as are individuals engaged in highly intensive exercise programs; however individuals engaged in moderately intensive, regular exercise experience lower levels of oxidative stress.”

I wrote about where to be on the scale of intensity back in the day and still feel like that model is accurate. My question for you guys is how well, day to day, do you pick the right level of intensity? Another way to ask this question is how often do you jack yourself up? -Brian PCF

50 Athletes enter, only 5 leave with cash. Follow the action at the PCF Paleo Challenge blog.


Warmup: EMOTM 8 Min
3 Hang Squat Snatch
3 V-Situp
Alt: 3 Strict Pullup/3 Divebomber

RX’d Level II Level I
EMOTM 10 Min
5-10s Ring Tuck Back Lever
5-10s Ring L-Sit

4 Rounds for time:
6 Power Clean, 155/105
18 Toes to Bar
Run 400m

EMOTM 10 Min
5-10s Ring Inversion
5-10s Box L-Sit

4 Rounds for time:
4 Power Clean, 105/85
12 Toes to Bar
Run 400m

EMOTM 10 Min
3 Toes to Wherever
5-10s Box Tuck

4 Rounds for time:
4 Power Clean, 75/55
12 Toes to Wherever
Run 300m

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