The Future of SweatCon

SweatCon is dead.  Long live SweatCon.  

We’re entering a new era of Sweatcon as we transition into the fall season.  

As many of you know, originally SweatCon was supposed to be just a summer thing.  But the feedback came in fast and furious about how much people liked it. The most consistent commentary regarding how it served as a nice change of pace to the regular class.

SweatCon has been a tough balance both from a programming perspective and a philosophical one. CrossFit at it’s core is a no frills, only do what works methodology. That’s why weightlifting and technique feature so heavily in our classes: they are important.  However, we’re also about making workouts challenging but fun, intense but measured. And there’s no question that SweatCon scratched that itch

That’s why we’re going to be extending SweatCon’s run as a new program with a new schedule that will make planning and programming a little easier and we think a better overall class experience.  

Here are the basic details:

When: Starting October 1st, Tuesday and Thursdays. 9:30am/7:30pm at Patriot.  6:45pm at Potomac.  

What: Think of this new version of SweatCon as a CrossFit class that has substituted the 25-35 minutes of strength with 25-35 minutes of purpose-driven intervals designed to build your aerobic engine.  This program is ideal for those of you who like endurance focused events like marathons, fun running, or obstacle races.

How: We’ve been experimenting with a different structure lately that people seem to have been enjoying.  We’re breaking this down into 3 parts (built to mimic a long road race).


  • The Grind: This is where a majority of the work is done.  Intervals ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes built in a structured and progressive format to cycle over the weeks and wave up and down in intensity to actually make you fitter.
  • The Kick: Just like any race there are moments where you need to switch gears.  Where you go from maintaining to sprinting. Think of this like a fast finish.  The sprint to the end or to try and pass someone.
  • The Finish: There’s a load of work to be done even after you cross the finishline.  This where we’ll focus on stability and cool downs to get you better after the race is over.




Warm Up

5 minutes:
10/leg Sampson Lunges
10leg Spiderman Crawls
10 Calories

The Grind

4 rounds,
1:00 AMRAP
15 Wall Balls
AMRAP Burpees
…rest 30 seconds…
1:00 AMRAP
20 KB Swings
AMRAP Pullups
…rest 30 seconds…
1:00 AMRAP
25 Box Jumps
AMRAP Double Unders
…rest 30 seconds…

The Kick

5 minutes AMRAP:
Row 700m
AMRAP Pushups

The Finish

5 minutes AMRAP:
5 Weighted Situps
5 Weighted Russian Twists
10 Hollow Rocks

This is the beginning of a new era of programming and classes that we’re going to be experimenting with at PCF (Strength class up next).  We have more classes like this coming so by all means reach out if you have classes you’d like to see and we’ll see what we can do!