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About PCF

Going to the gym should be the best part of your day.  Imagine counting down the seconds till you can leave the office; excited for your next workout.  You might have felt that way before when first starting a new year. But the novelty of a new regimen only lasts so long.

The fitness industry trots out a new gimmick, super food and/or methodology seemingly every month.  Instead, we created a facility based on long-proven techniques where everyday people could train like the elite athletes of the world.  No more forced monotony on endless treadmills and stupid fad workout plans. No more fake Instagram models and “fitness celebrities” offering “weird tricks” and “quick fixes.”

Some of these celebrities seem like Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky. But those great athletes made terrible coaches.  They have a hard time understanding why ordinary people can’t do the extraordinary feats they did regularly.  Their “systems” dont work for ordinary people.  Our methods are simple and rely on hard-work instead of talent.